Sunday, 6 November 2011

Not Free, Freelance

I'm meant to be working on my own website but a freelance job came up so my website is on hold.  I cannot complain too much as it is paid work! It's for a music artist, Finn Bonel, which I'm collaborating with my colleague at work to get his website up and running. It's been a good project so far and I've been integrating all the social media stuff into the website although I still need to figure out how to embed a blog into a website which sounds easy... but it's not so straight forward.

I'm still using Muse to get the work done but I am itchy to use a bit more of Dreamweaver as I know it's a bit more professional and the script is much cleaner in the end. It probably will make the website load faster and I'll pick up a bit more html/css/etc. that way too. But I think I'll have to master Muse first before moving on to Dreamweaver, although I'm also afraid I'll get so used to the ease of Muse!

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