Friday, 25 November 2011

Digital Design Job Opportunities

I've been hunting up and down for a better job. Not that I can't stand my present job, (with the terrible economy at the moment, I know I'm lucky to have something) but I would like to find something more challenging as I feel I have learnt my fill and can't progress much much in this company. 

I'm sure there are many, like me who have found it hard to find a job and even though I might be increasing my competition, I feel like it would be nice to list the places I have found useful to search for job openings. These aren't the usual job sites, like reed, monster, or the tons of creative recruitment agency sites popping up all over. They are the ones that have the title "Job Boards". Either stand alone or within a website (usually design related). And they are mostly UK/London based.

I'll be adding more along the way but if anyone has any good links that I might have missed out, do let me know. Hopefully, these links will lead someone to their perfect job and hopefully soon, mine too.

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