Saturday, 14 January 2012

Customised Hiragana and Katakana Wallpaper

I've had another request to customise a wallpaper but this time from someone I've never met! This time it's a Katakana one. But I was looking at the Hiragana ones I did before and I realised that the background pixel resolution of those were not good so decided to make another one since I now know not just my partner will be using them!

I have taken out the older versions so here is the Katakana wallpaper, and the new version of Hiragana wallpaper with a better background resolution. I've reduced the character chart size down slightly to give just a little a bit more space for your desktop icons (if you are anything like me, and have loads). Changed the original Katakana chart to make the characters pop out a little, giving a slight 3D effect.

Please feel free to download and use them. I hope they will help you learn Japanese faster!

Download Katakana Wallpaper Here
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Download Hiragana Wallpaper Here
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Peviclm said...

I would say that I love you, but i dont want to get in trouble with your partner...
That might do it. ^^

Tiffany Ong said...

You are most welcome. You won't get in trouble for saying that! :) Really glad you like it.