Friday, 28 October 2011

Customised Hiragana Wallpaper

Desktop wallpapers are so common and downloadable for free everywhere, so imagine my surprise when my partner asked me to customise one for him! He has just started learning japanese and found a Hiragana table wallpaper on the internet that he thought was perfect but he wanted a more subdue background. Here is where I found the original but it was also taken from someone else so I don't know who to credit.

I have taken away the old version so please view the new versions here.



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Peviclm said...

Very Nice the Wallpapers. But you only did the Hiragana (T.T)
Could you please, please, please, please make a Katakana one? Then i would have your set hanging on my wall. xD
Ive found a nice Katakana table for u to use:

Tiffany Ong said...

Hi, thanks for your feedback. I didn't do the Katakana one cos my partner is still a beginner in Japanese. He says he won't need the Katakana one until about a year later! But I'll do one for you and hopefully if he sticks to his lessons, he'll use it too. Which one would you like? The square or plain?

Peviclm said...

Wow, you answered quickier than what ive thought! xD
I would like the plain version.
And really thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks for that!
Oh Yeaahhh! Im going to frame it and put on my Wall. xD