Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Blog Embedding

I have embedded lots of stuff into the Finn Bonel website I have been working on. There are lots of easy instructions online for embedding a twitter feed, youtube video, google map, etc. but not very many about how to embed a blog into a website. I scoured the web for days (not full days) and found lots of complicated methods that needed lots of coding, some also needed javascript, some that needed sign ups to place rss feeds, I was ready to learn a bit of javascript when I came across this website which provided such a simple html code.

The instructions are to change the bits in bold to your requirement, although I'm not too sure what the first set of measurements do as changes the object size in compose mode but doesn't affect the object size in the browser.  But I just keep them the same to be safe. It would be really good to figure out how to get the embedded site to fit to scale because at the moment, the site is the same scale as you would see in your browser and scrollbars have to be used which is a little difficult to navigate if you have to use both horizontal and vertical scrollbars.

Error: Embedded data could not be displayed.

The "Error: Embedded object could not be displayed." message seems unnecessary as it does not appear anywhere, but I assume it appears should your link not work. But it is a very useful code to have and will be using it more, especially once I figure out how to fit the site to scale. 

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