Monday, 21 November 2011

Blog Embedding (Update)

I found another code to embed one website (in my case, a blog) in another website. This one makes more sense than the previous one and it's shorter as well. I found out the correct term is an iframe.

I amend the code a little to make it more "user" friendly but here is the original source. The website link, height and width should be changed to your requirements.

The default of the iframe gives a scrolling bar if the website height is more than the height of the iframe. But by adding a little extra code, the scroll bar disappears!

I'm still trying to figure out how to remove the nab bar on blogger, not on the blogger site itself but on the iframe. I know you can remove it by amending the html of the page, but I wonder if you can just remove it by hiding a few pixels from the iframe.

I am also not completely happy with embedding the blog through iframe and would like to find out how to embed it (easily) without the iframe and without the blogger background.

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