Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Free Hosting and Domain

I've been working on my website and it's my first website that I am making for myself. I've made websites for the company I work for but never made one for myself and since cash is extremely tight at the moment, I'm trying to do it without having to spend a penny.  

Although I haven't spent any money yet, I have spent a lot of time trawling the web researching for the most suitable free domains, web hosts, etc. for my website. So some might say time is worth more than money but at the moment, I rather lose a little sleep than splash out on a website that might last only few months.

So what have I chosen? I went with xtreemhost as it seemed to have good reviews and gave a decent amount of bandwidth and space. 

And I got a .tk domain as it was the shortest free domain I could find, and my name was still available. I can only use the forwarding service and can't set up the DNS service (it took me ages to figure that out). It's okay for now but I might have to shop around for another hosting site should I ever want to use subdomains.

But now that I know the domain and hosting works, the techi stuff is over for now and I better concentrate on getting the right content for the website.

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